Game services out of stock!

  • 4th March 2018
Hello,This is a notification just to inform you that we are out of stock on all game services at this current time. We will have some new stock in at least by the 7th, however we are hoping it will arrive by the 5th. This delay was caused by our providers who had provisioned the servers with the wrong hardware. We apologise for the inconvenience!
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New Panel

  • 5th January 2018
Hello all,This is going to be a pretty lengthy, yet exciting announcement so make sure to prepare yourself. So for those that aren't already aware or did not get the small tease we had included in our 1-year anniversary banner, Krypton Networks will be bringing out a brand new awesome game panel for our users to utilise which goes by the name of ...
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1 year... Thank you!

  • 3rd January 2018
It’s been a long but productive year for all of us at Krypton Networks and we have had both good and bad moments which will always be remembered and are learning points for us going forward into 2018.We have had the pleasure of hosting some great communities throughout all our game servers and giving them a place to spend time, with their ...
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New York City Location Is Live!

  • 19th August 2017
US locations are live! Our servers are currently located in New York City and we are doing free migrations from our London location to the new one for a whole month!What is different from the London location?- Intel i7 7700k. We are using this because we wanted to focus on the performance of our services, being as though Garry's Mod is a ...
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