Web Server Slowness, Product Changes and Promotion Codes

  • Wednesday, 1st April, 2020
  • 03:38am

Hello everyone. We will be making changes to our Garry's Mod and CS:GO services. The minimum amount of slots you will be able to purchase will be increased from 8 slots to 15 slots. We will now be introducing a separate package for development servers which will have a default slot count of 8 and will be capped at a 50% CPU allocation. We will be reducing the normal price of an 8 slot server from £1.60 GBP to £1.30 GBP, if you were to purchase this new package. Please keep in mind this 8 slot server package will not be able to be upgraded or downgraded in terms of slots. These changes will not affect customers who already own 8 slots servers on the normal Garry's Mod package. Furthermore, we will be removing both the `KRYPTON10`,  `KRYPTON5`  and `PROMETHEUS` promotional codes. This removal will not affect customers who are already using the promotional code(s).

We are also investigating some slowness with the web server and we are currently in the process of making plans in order to migrate all web services to a new and upgraded node for improved performance. We will inform customers of when this migration will be taking place soon.


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