COVID-19 Update and FiveM Hosting

  • Monday, 23rd March, 2020
  • 18:26pm

Hello everyone, we haven't posted a proper announcement on here in some time so here are some updates in terms of what's going on at Krypton Networks. First and foremost due to the recent events going on in the world it has become clear that most people are required to stay at home for obvious reasons. In order to lighten up the mood we will be running a small promotion for all products excluding Krypton Elite from today until 28/03/2020. Please find the promotion code below. 

The recent events of COVID-19 are unfortunate, however, at this current point in time we don't believe that we will be impacted massively by this pandemic in terms of support and service quality. It's likely support ticket volumes will increase which could result in slower support ticket replies, however, that's about it. As normal we will update everyone if the situation changes but at this current point in time our customers should not need to worry! If you have any questions or concerns regarding COVID-19, you are welcome to open a support ticket or email us at ``. As always stay safe and follow your country's recommendations on both preventing the spread of the virus and the possibility of catching it.

On a brighter note, FiveM hosting is still on the waiting list and we are looking into it! Unfortunately, due to FiveM's policy of only allowing specific game hosting providers to host FiveM, we haven't been able to release a package like this, however, we have currently prioritised this and we are going to be trying our best to see if we can get the authorisation in order to host FiveM. We will keep you all posted on this as the updates come through, thank you!

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