Introducing Krypton Elite

  • Saturday, 21st September, 2019
  • 22:05pm

Introducing Krypton Elite! 


Over the months of 2018 and 2019 we have had a great number of requests from both individuals and larger communities for an ability to upgrade their servers mainly within the performance areas such as CPU allocation. Currently, all users are assigned an allocation of an entire core and share CPU power with others on their node. Not only is this not ideal for large servers but it can also cause problems in terms of balancing CPU usage and may not be ideal for the average customer either. The only real way of avoiding this problem, without manually monitoring servers using a high amount of CPU usage, is to sell by CPU over slots. Although, this sounds great and all, changing to this method of selling is not only consumer unfriendly but it could also mean the possibility of price increases which is something we do not wish to do with our source servers as we pride ourselves in our low costs and fast support.


To combat this issue we are introducing “Krypton Elite”! This package is designed both for the average customer that may want to invest a larger amount of money into their server as well as for the larger communities that need the extra resources such as CPU power and less crowded networks. Furthermore, this package is being introduced in order to closely resemble the performance provided by something like a dedicated server and to expand our range of both low budget and high budget hosting in order to cater to all types of customers. 


Here is what is included with our Krypton Elite package:


  • Dedicated CPU Core

  • Strict limit of 8 servers per node

  • Intel Core i9-9900k @ 5.0 GHz

  • 60GB - 100GB Disk Storage (SSD Powered)

  • London, United Kingdom location (for now)

  • Unlimited RAM Allocation

  • Five MySQL Databases

  • Dedicated IP Address


Frequently Asked Questions


How many slots do I get with this package?


Krypton Elite is not priced based on slots, you are mainly being billed based on the features listed above. Slots are adjustable by the user from within the game panel and can be changed at any time with no fee.


How exactly does Krypton Elite resemble the power of a dedicated server being used for a Garry’s Mod community?


Unfortunately, Garry’s Mod is only capable of using 1 core (two threads). Due to the fact that we have limited our Krypton Elite nodes to 8 servers, every server is essentially guaranteed an entire core to themselves which would be exactly the same or very similar to a dedicated server because of GMod’s resource limits.


Why would anybody need this if a large community or individual could buy a dedicated server themselves?


There are many reasons for this, however, the main reason would be that this is a much cheaper alternative compared to dedicated servers, considering the fact that your performance will be very close if not the same as a dedicated server. It’s also highly unlikely you would be able to find a dedicated server with the same specs for the same price. Additionally, people may purchase these services from us in order to make use of our responsive support as well as our game panel.


Will the service be available in the United States?


We will be testing Krypton Elite within the UK for now. If everything turns out to be a success we will definitely be expanding this service to the United States. Prices could vary for different locations in the future.


What will the prices be for this package?


The prices for the package have not been finalised but it’s estimated to be around £35 to £40 GBP monthly.


When will this service be released?


We will confirm a release date within a few weeks, however, we are aiming for early October.

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