New York City Location Is Live!

  • Saturday, 19th August, 2017
  • 18:46pm

US locations are live! Our servers are currently located in New York City and we are doing free migrations from our London location to the new one for a whole month!

What is different from the London location?

- Intel i7 7700k. We are using this because we wanted to focus on the performance of our services, being as though Garry's Mod is a single-core game we wanted a higher clock speed so the i7 was the way to go. 
- DDoS protection. With our new custom DDoS protection we can only offer up to 20 Gbps of filtering for the best price. This is very common for US locations to have less protection than the UK.

The US location will be arriving very soon for other games. If anybody has any questions or concerns please feel free to contact support.

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